Burnt Store Isles Boat Club
Punta Gorda Florida

BSIBC began in 1989 with 52 Charter Members, as a boating club for residents of Burnt Store Isles, in Punta Gorda, FL.  BSIBC promotes safe boating, furthering our boating and marine education, supporting our law enforcement agencies, protecting our marine environment and enjoying good fellowship among the boating and non-boating members of Burnt Store Isles, Fl.


Hope you are having better fishing luck than I , BUT here is up-to-date  info on the Alligator Creek dredge. Scheduled completion is Jan. 29th after which date the contractor will be penalized $1500 per day to cover county costs .

        Several issues have occurred due to contractors markings ( white pvc pipes), dredge pipe lifting and general barge interference with navigation . PLEASE be patient  two objects cannot occupy the same space and they want to be finished and out of here ASAP.

  • County says they will be out at the site again tomorrow to discuss issues with contractor.
  • County does not believe contractor will make good on the deadline and have no estimate on how long past the 29th they will need to complete the dredge.
  • The width at the bottom of the channel is 20-25 feet from day markers
  • The width at the mouth of the creek is a 50 ft. channel
  • All information based on this afternoon contact with County Coastal Projects Mgr.


Safe Boating,

Capt. Doug Rhees



As usual, members Sue and Bill Bareither will be conducting the Burnt Store Isles Boat Cub annual boat inspections. For those members who would like their boat inspected please call 941-505-1016 to schedule a date and time.

If your call goes to the answering machine just leave your name, phone number and your preferred date and time. A schedule will be coordinated with the Bareither's and be communicated back to you.

Jim Ellsworth

Vice Commodore

Next Waypoints

BSIA/BSIBC Monthly Mixer
Feb. 3 - Friday
Meet your boat club friends at Twin Isles Country Club from 4:30 to 6:30 pm and stay for dinner if you like. See the flyer for all the particulars.

Wine and Jazz Festival

On February 25th  join us on the Peace River to view the 11th annual Wine and Jazz Festival.  We plan to anchor off Laishley Park and raft off.  Space is limited so see the flyer for all the details.

Lunch and Kayaking at Nav-A-Gator Grill

This event on Monday, March 20th has a lot of possibilities. Kayaking led by Bill Van Ooyen and then lunch or just a relaxing lunch. Check out all the details on the flyer.

Please Sound your HORN when entering and exiting the water entryway (old lock)

It's the law

Welcome to the Burnt Store Isles Boat Club web site.  We are a group of people that reside in Burnt Store Isles and share common interests in boating and social events.  While our primary focus is boating, both cruising and fishing, we do have many social events.  We provide information for our members that relate to our waterways and provide information from other boating related entities.  Take the time to surf our website.  There is a vast amount of information available that is updated regularly.

 You do not have to own a boat to belong to the Club.  We encourage those without boats to join those that do for many of our cruises.  For those that fish, we have within the Boat Club, a Fishing Club.  They hold regular meetings and frequently bring in speakers.  We are a very friendly group of people that enjoy boating and getting together.

If you are a member of this community, please consider joining our great organization.  We live in one of the nicest estuaries in the country that boasts great boating and fishing, to say nothing of our proximity to the Gulf Islands and the Gulf of Mexico.  Click to read "member benefits"


Ron Levis

Commodore – 2017           

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