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The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.  - Edward Gibbon

Attention BSIBC boaters

Hazards to Navigation



The markers that Hurricane Irma destroyed at the entrance to Alligator Creek have been replaced but please continue to use extra caution in the area. It has also been reported that water is about 1 foot deep near marker 13 and 14 and that several boats have gone aground. 

2. Relocation of Stump Pass Buoys:  Click here for a chart updating the relocations of the buoys  in Stump Pass and other navigation signs added by the County.  This relocation of buoys took place on Monday June 12.  This updated chart replaces the one posted on the boat club website last week.

Local Notices to Mariners

U.S. Coast Guard District 7

Week 43 of 2019

(Charlotte Harbor area is Chart #11425)

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U.S. Coast Guard approves official electronic charts


WASHINGTON – The U.S. Coast Guard published guidance that allows mariners to use electronic charts and publications instead of paper charts, maps and publications.


The Coast Guard published Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular, NVIC 01-16, on Feb. 5 to provide uniform guidance on what is now considered equivalent to chart and publication carriage requirements.


Combining the suite of electronic charts from the U.S. hydrographic authorities and the Electronic Charting System standards published this past summer by the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services, the Coast Guard believes official electronic charts provide mariners with a substitute for the traditional official paper charts. 


This technology will also allow mariners to take advantage of information and data to enhance situational awareness during voyage planning and while underway.


“After consultation with our Navigation Safety Advisory Committee, the Coast Guard will allow mariners to use official electronic charts instead of paper charts, if they choose to do so.  With real-time voyage planning and monitoring information at their fingertips, mariners will no longer have the burden of maintaining a full portfolio of paper charts,” said Capt. Scott J. Smith, the chief of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Office of Navigation Systems.


The new guidance applies to vessels subject to U.S. chart, or map, and publication carriage requirements codified in Titles 33 and 46 CFR and provides a voluntary alternative means to comply with those requirements.


“Mariners have been requesting the recognition of this capability for some time,” said Smith.  “When you combine the new expanded Automatic Identification System carriage requirement and the capability that an ECS provides, it should provide a platform to move American waterways into the 21st century.”


“Together, with our industry and international partners, we are leveraging modern technology to contribute to the safety, security and prosperity of our nation,” said Smith.


View NVIC 01-16 at: http://www.uscg.mil/hq/cg5/nvic/pdf/2016/NVIC_01-16_electronic_charts_and_publications.pdf

How do I properly dispose of my old safety flares?

Do Not Drop Them Off At the Fire Department

April 25, 2014


Area disposal sites, in conjunction with the State Fire Marshal, have made the determination that the amount of flares the PG Fire Department was collecting and disposing of was considered to be commercial hazardous waste production and we are legally not permitted to do so anymore by State standards.  Small amounts of residential flares (household amount is loosely considered to be under 10 devices) are accepted from the public at the below named disposal sites.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information please contact Fire Department Administration.  Do not leave unattended flares at the Fire Stations.


Take them to one of these approved disposal sites.


ZEMEL ROAD LANDFILL: South Punta Gorda, off US 41 South.  Open Mon thru Fri. 7AM to 5PM and Saturday 7AM to 1PM 941-639-2627


MID COUNTY TRANSFER AND RECYCLE CENTER: 19675 Kenilworth Blvd., Port Charlotte.  Open Mon thru Sat 9AM to 4PM  941-764-4380, 941-697-4000 X4380